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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 13, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> even let our sports producer make a few hacks. he made some good tonight, breaking news as we come on the air in the west. bracing right now for hurricane florence, landfall in the coming hours. the monster hurricane slowing down and it is massive tonight. tropical storm-force winds, more than 300 miles across. destructive winds already lashing the coast, blinding rain, waves smashing through buildings. water rushing down streets. more than 40 inches of rain possible. power outages by the thousands already reported tonight. the nuclear plant shutting down tonight right in the path of the hurricane. we're live up and down the coast, communities already getting hit. meteorologist ginger zee with the new track just out. when and where florence is now expected to make landfall. and my interview tonight with the police chief here and his new warning, given how slow this massive hurricane is moving.
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also tonight, after president trump told millions that the government is fully prepared for this hurricane, the president tweeting today, questioning how many really died in puerto rico, saying 3,000 people didn't die after hurricanes hit puerto rico, and the president now says that number was raised to make him look bad. we are also following several other breaking headlines tonight. more than a dozen explosions outside boston in several different communities. authorities are urging some residents to get out. and paul manafort, tonight news of a key meeting. is manafort about to plead guilty? is he striking a deal with robert mueller? and good evening from wilmington tonight. and as we come on the air in the west, millions along the coast here and inland are bracing now for this monster hurricane. the cape fear river right behind me here. we witnessed some of the very outer bands of the hurricane. the winds, the rain of course
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here already. and there's a good chance that the eye of this hurricane could make landfall right here or just north of here. the track just out from the national hurricane center tonight. the storm is slowing down, which means it will sit here and pound the coast, dangerous one winds and several feet of rain. it is also growing in size. that flag whipping in the wind and in tatters by the end of the day. this hurricane is 500 miles wide, ocean water breaching the dunes already and rushing into the streets. these images from cape hatteras tonight. heavy rain falling, some 90,000 already without power as we're on the air here in the west. a nuclear power plant here in the path of this hurricane shutting down already. and the hurricane hasn't even made landfall yet. 1.7 million under evacuation orders tonight. i found shelters today full, folks telling me they were sent elsewhere. at this hour, hurricane florence is massive. tropical storm-force winds will stretch well more than 100 miles from the eye of the storm in each direction. that's across more than 300 miles. we do have the new track tonight, the expected landfall, the time and where.
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let's get right to victor oquendo, in sneads ferry, north carolina, 40 miles from where we're standing right here on the new river, where there's a lot of concern. victor, what are you seeing? >> reporter: david, we're bracing for potentially catastrophic storm surge here. possibly up to 11 feet. these bands are just getting stronger, as you can probably tell. the rains and the winds really picking up out here. we're near the mouth of the new river. it runs from the coast all the way up through the city of jacksonville. these waves, they're just crashing right over this dock and a lot of this water is going to get pushed inland. and it's going to create a lot of flooding. we've spoken with emergency officials, they are prepared for an unprecedented amount of rain, right around three feet, and they say that if you live in this area, and you have not evacuated, the window for that has closed. david? >> all right, victor oquendo, stay safe. you and the team as we're on the
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air in the west tonight. north carolina's barrier islands are particularly exposed to these winds. the outer bands have been blowing across since early today. hours and hours of this already, without this hurricane even making landfall yet. so, let's get right to gio benitez, live on the beach in kitty hawk tonight. he's been feeling the storm's wrath all day. gio? >> reporter: that's right, david. we've been feeling the strong winds all day long. look behind me. we are under the kitty hawk pier right now and you can see the massive waves crashing against it. 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts in parts of the outer banks. and this is just the beginning. tonight, florence's fury blasting the north carolina coast. winds churning up the sea. waves crashing over the dunes and into the streets. the sandbags stacked along the shore to hold the water back no match for a life-threatening storm surge already flooding homes and streets in the outer banks. the storm's wrath building by the hour, shredding that flag in cape fear. it's 4:00 and we're here in nags head, north carolina.
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those powerful outer bands are moving through right now. we are getting that rain, and just take a look at those massive waves. the wind is just getting stronger and stronger. dangerous winds from this massive storm threatening millions tonight. hurricane-force winds stretching across 160 miles. tropical storm-force winds across 330 miles. tonight, officials with a blunt warning for anyone still on the shore as this hurricane bears down. >> we are going to be very limited in responding, so, again, if you're on the beach, the time to go is now. >> and gio back with us live tonight. and gio, the concern again right where you are, is this storm surge, because this storm is going to covhover on the coast push water inland for days here. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, david. this is the concern. these massive waves. you can see what's happening here right now. because these people here in the outer banks, they are used to flooding. they're just not used to potentially life-threatening
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flooding, david. >> all right, gio, get back up shore here. tonight, a nuclear plant right here in the path of the hurricane in north carolina has shut down. tonight, the destruction is already begun on the barrier islands and the police chief here telling me his biggest fear, as this hurricane sets to make landfall in the coming hours. tonight, this is what millions of americans along this coastline have feared. the outer bands of florence slamming ashore already. and the eye of the storm still hours away. along north carolina's barrier islands, in north topsail beach, dangerous winds already. waves crashing through this home, knocking down walls. water surrounding homes. this garage door smashed. and again, this hurricane doesn't make landfall until the morning hours. in avon tonight, strong waves hammering this pier. water rushing ashore. breaking through the dunes in hatteras. in nearby frisco, ocean water flowing like a river down cape
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hatteras pier drive, washing through motels and washing fish ashore. route 12 here is under water tonight. torrential rain with tropical storm-force winds bearing down. and authorities are now warning, it is almost a certainty that this region will see catastrophic flooding, rainfall totals predicted to reach 40 inches or more. an 11-foot storm surge expected in some spots, as this storm now moves in and conditions deteriorate. first responders are gathering tonight, the national guard has been called up. and tonight, wilmington's chief of police inside the command center telling me his biggest fear as this hurricane approaches. his own family has already evacuated. when you look at that hurricane over your shoulder, what concerns you most? >> i see a biblical proportion flood event that's going to occur. i see the beach community being inundated with water and destruction that is going to be pretty, pretty epic in nature. i see areas around our city that
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are going to floor like we haven't seen in a very long time. >> reporter: there is already help coming in from all over the country. search and rescue teams from sacramento. 80 first responders from rockville, maryland. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you, sir. >> reporter: and tonight, north carolina's governor roy cooper with some of those first responders and a final warning. >> my message today -- don't relax. don't get complacent. stay on guard. this is a powerful storm that can kill. today, the threat becomes a reality. >> reporter: authorities are telling residents here to prepare for days without power. perhaps weeks. they also fear the hurricane could flood some 16 nuclear reactors across three states. the brunswick nuclear plant announcing tonight it will shut down, saying they are, quote, currently in the path of hurricane florence and they anticipate the plant site will experience sustained hurricane-force winds.
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with tropical storm-force winds now expected to reach more than 300 miles across, many families have now decided on this final night before landfall to get out. >> be safe, guys. >> you, too, be careful. >> see you in a few days. >> reporter: the forecast is calling for destructive winds pounding the coast for at least 36 hours. and several feet of rain. >> it's really somewhat of a gloomy feeling knowing that the coast of north carolina is going to be changed forever. >> reporter: on the streets here, a "pray for wilmington" sign and instructions for shelters right beside it. late today, governor cooper saying some 12,000 people are already in shelters, they're now opening even more. many are already at capacity. you can see here on the door, says the shelter is full. this is the codington elementary school, and we were told some of the folks who are here were actually brought from another shelter that was overflowing because of so many people that want to make sure they're safe during this storm. ricardo romero is one of them. so, that shelter was already full -- >> yes. >> reporter: and overflowing, so they brought you here? >> that is correct. >> those shelters stretching to
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keep up with demand tonight. everyone bracing as this hurricane grows much closer, just off the coast tonight. abc meteorologist ginger zee here with the newest track. you've got landfall time, an aprax make, of course, and where, which is important. we've been talking, so is the sheer amount of time this hurricane is going to stall right here over just a huge area, several states. >> reporter: yes, several states, several miles and millions of people that will feel this for the next 36 to 48 hours, david. it is like a washing machine. so, this storm now east-southeast of us here in wilmington by 85 miles. it was the same last hour. that means this thing hasn't moved. it is supposed to move the northwest at 5 miles per hour with that tornado watch in place. we've seen tornado warnings already popping. that is one of the threats yet tonight. as that path takes it on land tomorrow morning, so, it should make landfall sometime here on our friday, move inland and then become more of a tropical storm as it passes the state line into south carolina. no matter the case, it will drop
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heavy rain the entire time on the order of 20-plus inches in some of these places and with it will come those ridiculous winds. we have had wind speeds gusting to 47 here, but look what it will be by tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., 86 miles per hour at wilmington. it sticks with us, that really hefty wind, all the way through 5:00 p.m. on friday. nearly 60 there in mi, in myrtl beach, close to 70. watch this, as it tries to pull away, those really hefty winds move inland, even florence, there is a florence, south carolina, goes close to 50 miles per hour. we'll be with this for the next couple of days, talking about flooding through the weekend. david? >> we'll check back in with you later tonight, ginger. you mentioned the or ttornado concerns through the night. and i'll be here with ginger throughout the night. the other concern right now is really for the most vulnerable in the path of this storm tonight. nearly 1.7 million under volu voluntary or mandatory evacuation order. many are too fragile to move,
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patients, seniors here in the community. and there is an urgent effort tonight to get them help and to check on them. abc's chief national affairs correspondent in myrtle beach, south carolina, on that part of the story. >> reporter: tonight, with florence's winds, rain and angry surf bearing down, most have fled, headed for safer ground. we rode along with myrtle beach police. corporal thomas vest tells me what worries him about the storm. >> it looks like a lot of people are still trying to decide if they're going to stay or go. >> reporter: more than 420,000 people have evacuated the south carolina coast, including more than 2,200 people from 113 health care facilities. tonight, further north, at the davis community nursing home and assisted living facility in wilmington, north carolina, some 600 residents, staff and their families are sheltering in place. >> those people who are critical care, it would be difficult for us to move them hours away. >> reporter: medical professionals across both states do not want a repeat of scenes
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like these in texas during hurricane harvey. and in florida, nearly 150 evacuated from this sweltering nursing home that lost power during hurricane irma. 12 of its residents lost their lives. david, there's a curfew right now from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. the police have allowed us to be out here, but this is eeri. this is ocean boulevard, and take a look at this david, tonight, it's a ghost town. david? >> reporter: well, tom, really great that you checked on the seniors today. we certainly don't want a repeat of what we saw in texas and florida. tom will be with us straight through this hurricane. president trump sending out tweets today, reassuring that the government is, quote, completely ready for hurricane florence. but he sparked a firestorm with another tweet, denying that thousands of american citizens died in puerto rico from hurricane maria and its aftermath, claiming the number was fabricated to make him look bad. here's our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight.
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>> reporter: even before hurricane florence hits shore, president trump is already congratulating his team on a job well-done. >> we are getting tremendous accolades from politicians and the people. >> reporter: but even as the hurricane approaches, the president today is making a startling new claim, downplaying the human suffering caused by last year's hurricane maria in puerto rico. "3,000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit puerto rico," he tweeted. he then falsely accused democrats of inflating the death toll -- "in order to make me look as bad as possible." a comprehensive study from george washington university concluded nearly 3,000 people died by causes directly related to the hurricane and its aftermath -- a figure accepted by the government as the official death toll. that's nearly 3,000 american citizens, most of them poor and elderly. our team saw the suffering first-hand. maria ortiz caring for 11 seniors in a nursing home without power. >> we can't let them die. we can't let them die.
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and we need help. all the help we can get, please. >> reporter: when president trump visited the island, he tossed paper towels to storm victims. but just 15 minutes away, in this apartment building without power or clean water, david spoke with 70-year-old maria diaz. "we don't want to die here," she told him. the governor of puerto rico today is taking issue with the president's tweets. "the people of puerto rico," he said, "do not deserve to have their pain questioned." and among political leaders, the president seems to be alone in questioning the death toll. >> i have no reason to dispute these numbers. >> with 3,000 people dead, for the president to say puerto rico was a success, a triumph of his presidency, is simply delusional. >> reporter: the white house released a photo this evening of the president getting briefed on hurricane preparation efforts. and despite the controversy
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stirred up by his comments of hurricane maria, white house officials insist he is very much focused on hurricane florence and they expect he will travel to the areas affected by the hurricane as soon as is practical. david? >> jon karl, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. breaking news tonight. dozens of explosions outside boston, in several different communities. you can see the homes in flames there. authorities urging some residents to get out. we'll have the latest in a moment. the deadly rampage in the west the gunman opening fire, shooting five victims in multiple locations. what authorities have now revealed. and elizabeth smart back in the news tonight and speaking out. her urgent plea tonight, just days before one of her kidnappers is about to go free. authorities say they miscalculated the time served. miscalculated the time served. we'll be right back. loors with d bucket is a hassle, meaning you probably don't clean as often as you'd for a quick and convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet. there's no heavy bucket, or mop to wring out, because the absorb and lock technology
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david wright. >> reporter: north of boston tonight, more than 50 fires and explosions so far, apparently caused by a gas main explosion. in lawrence, fire crews are responding to more than two dozen fires across the city. in north anover and andover, officials are urging all residents to evacuate. the area roads gridlocked. according to the state fire marshal, a surge in the gas main started all this. >> i was in shock. i started running down the street and then my neighbor came out and was like, don't go down there. >> reporter: the columbia gas company says it was doing work on the lines when the explosions occurred. the local power company now says it has cut off power to the entire area as a precaution. david? >> david wright tonight. david, thank you. when we come back, the deadly rampage in the west. several victims, several locations. and elizabeth smart speaking out tonight. her warning to authorities just days before one of her kidnappers is set to go free. re, burning, pins and needles of diabetic nerve pain these feet...
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involving president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort. tonight, sources telling abc news that manafort has tentatively agreed to a plea deal in order to avoid a second trial. he met today for more than four hours with special counsel robert mueller's team. sources say mueller wants information on president trump and the 2016 campaign. it's unclear tonight whether manafort has agreed to provide that information as part of his plea deal. elizabeth smart is speaking out tonight. she is angry one of her kidnappers will be released next week, several years earlier than expected. authorities in utah say they miscalculated the time wanda barzee served in federal custody. smart urging them to reconsider their decision. >> i believe that she is a danger and a threat to any vulnerable person in our community, which is why our community should be worried. >> barzee and her husband kidnapped smart in 2002, holding her captive for nine months. and that deadly killing spree in bakersfield, california. police say javier casarez killed five people, starting with his wife and a man at a trucking company.
5:54 pm
he shot a witness, went to a home and killed two more people, carjacking a mother and child who escaped. he killed himself when confronted by a deputy. authorities say the gunman and his wife were getting divorced. when we come back, the main story of the night, hurricane florence where it is right now, where it's expected to make landfall first thing in the morning, and what ginger is now seeing tonight in the rain fo foreca forecast. george woke up in pain. but he has plans today. hey dad. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. (tiffany) with counseling nicotine patch and gum, i quit for good. my tip is: get help to find the best way for you to quit smoking. (announcer) you can quit. call 1-800-quit-now for help getting free medication.
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5:58 pm
from now until the foreseeable feature, really through saturday. and that's one of the big issues. the forecast, david, calls for more than 30 inches of rain in places, and mk income's highest rain total when it comes to a tropical system prior to this was floyd in 1999. i think we'll break that. >> wow, and to see that on the screen there, up to 40 inches of rain in some places. we'll be tracking it all for you. thank you for watching in the west. our coverage of hurricane florence continues first thing in the morning. i'll see you then. good night. tonight, combatting car
5:59 pm
break-ins with the mighty pen in the bay area. a major move by bay area catholic diocese to expose those within its own ranks. plus -- >> criminal, fool. >> after blasting the president tonight, governor brown is about to board a ferry and head out on to the bay but not telling anyone why. a customer applies for a payment plan. the finance company says he doesn't exist. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. >> live where you live. this is "abc7 news." another sign tonight of just how bad a problem car break-ins are, residents resorting to notes to try to keep thieves from breaking in. good evening. >> let's get right to melanie woodrow with a story you'll only see here. melanie? >> the idea for this story came from social media when a friend of mine posted a picture of a
6:00 pm
vehicle covered in writing, appealing to potential criminals to give their family a break. turns out not once, not twice, not even three times. felix and his wife had their vehicle broken into four times over a year and a half. so they took pen to glass, writing on the windshield, thank you for let thing glass remain unbroken. we are a poor family with two kids. no value is inside, except diapers. >> maybe they feel pity. >> reporter: on the driver side window, no valuables inside, except baby's milk. and the rear passenger window, nothing to take in this war, thank you. they learned what would take the hardway. the first break-in, they lost $1,500 in sporting goods. >> i think it's my fault. >> reporter: the second break-in, just bag. but that third break-in -- >> my passport and social security, working


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